About us

Founded in 1993 in Istanbul, Favorite Textile; deals with the manufacturing and wholesales of women's underwear, women's fantasy underwear, pajamas and combed cotton groups. We have been devoted to the customer satisfaction, and go on by confident steps through our well established working system supported with the advanced manufacturing technologies and successful sales and marketing methods.

As Favorite Textile, by COTTONHILL brand, we offer women's underwear, pajamas and combed cotton groups to retailer companies in domestic and foreign markets.

We have been and will continue to be one step ahead of our competitors in both domestic and international markets with our innovative understanding, knowledge of our customer portfolio, our wide range of products by combining quality, suitability and aesthetics with our price policies.

With our COTTONHILL brand that continues to grow by increasing our market share each passing year, we are moving rapidly towards our high targets. We are very excited and proud to introduce you COTTONHILL brands to many regions such as Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia, Turkic Republics.



In the sector we serve, we are the corporation that produce quality products by applying all the possibilities provided by the technology so that our competitors are always one step ahead of their competitors; improved and continue to improve ourselves with an innovative point of view; respectful the rights of their employees as employer; train qualified employees in our field; make a point of high quality production with suitable price policy, at leader position it our field, respond customer needs in the domestic and foreign markets in time and care about their satisfaction every time.



To keep the recognition of the COTTONHILL brand at a high level in both domestic and international markets. To increase our market share in both domestic and foreign markets. To introduce the CottonHill brand to the retail dealers that serve this area.